Courses Taught as Instructor of Record

Environmental Economics for the Citizen, Econ 105-001, Spring 2020
No Evaluations Due to Coronavirus

Environmental Economics for the Citizen, Econ 105-001, Fall 2019

Intermediate Macroeconomics, Econ 311-002, Spring 2019

Introduction to Econometrics, Econ 345-002, Fall 2018

Student Testimonials

"A great class! My favorite one this semester."

"Mr. Goodman was always thorough in his teaching and notes. Always brought up good discussion and was very considerate of others."

"The lectures were interesting and easily understood. The readings and videos were super helpful. I also enjoyed the exam reviews and ability to ask questions."

"This is a wonderful class!"

"I also really liked how engaging the professor was with class discussions. He would acknowledge students' comments and agree or disagree and explain why."

"The op-ed assignments were a very good way to reinforce and learn concepts we were introduced to."

"The professor was clearly enthusiastic and passionate about what he was teaching, which I think rubbed off on the class."

"The problem sets were helpful in preparation for the tests. In addition, separating schools of economic thought into different segments allowed me to understand better. The memes were great."

"Problem sets helped me to review and know where I need to focus more on. The instructor is caring and willing to help students."

"The professor was easily accessible and made sure that I understood the material."

"Office hours helped a lot! I felt I didn't understand things, but office hours made me a scholar in this class!"

"Everything we learned in this class helped me learn how to write research."

"The presentations were extremely informative and very helpful in understanding the course material and the professor was always willing to meet. Goodman was great, I would recommend this professor to any student!"

"He always tries to help if I ask!"